Current information regarding Grouptherapy.

Aktuell keine neuen Gruppen / currently no new groups

Aktualisiert: 9. Mai 2023

Aktuell kann ich keine Patient:innen für Gruppentherapie aufnehmen, weil ich keine freien Plätze anbieten kann. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie Informationen, wenn ich neue Gruppen beginne oder Plätze frei werden.

Currently I cannot accommodate patients for group therapy because I do not have any free places. On this page you will find information when I start new groups or when places become available.

Working in a Group.

What can I expect in group therapy?

Being able to work in a group often triggers ambivalent feelings. Great concerns and great curiosity alternate.

Many people experience the idea of ​​showing their own conflicts, blockades and emotions in a group as threatening or filled with shame. “No, that’s nothing for me”, is often the immediate reaction. Followed by the question: “Is there even enough time for me?

And that’s where the curiosity about what would happen in a group shows. Individual therapy – many people have an idea of ​​this. But in a group?

Benefits of Working in a Group

Diverse feedback and communications from other members can be very valuable. You are not alone with your issue. Others feel the same way, or have experienced something similar before–or they worry that they might feel the same way and express great interest and compassion. Experiencing this at the beginning of treatment can be a great relief.

Conflicts, Relationships and Communication

The reasons for starting therapy are often closely linked to relationships with other people. The relationship with your partner, mother, children, boss, siblings. If only they weren’t there–then everything would be fine!

In normal everyday life it is almost impossible to separate relationship problems from the conflicts experienced, because there is always something at stake. The group is a unique setting in which relationship dynamics can be worked on. Blockades and deficits in the ability to relate to others are activated in the dynamics of the group. The processing of which happens in the group and guided by the therapist.

The aim is to better understand old dynamics and recurring patterns, to try new things based on the knowledge, to practice and ultimately to improve the emotional experience in such situations.

Group Coherence and Social Energy

The feeling of belonging (in German: Wir-Gefühl) that often arises in groups is experienced as a sense of community or togetherness, which is also referred to as cohesion. A positive group feeling can inspire and it has been shown that greater group cohesion has a positive effect on the therapeutic process.

Humans are social animals or group creatures. Even if “time for me alone” is important, we spend many important stages of our life in groups, starting as a kid in a family, then school, the clique, work, partnership, social media, our own family, sports clubs, interest groups–the list goes on. And it becomes clear that many conflicts arise in exactly the same groups: at home, in the schoolyard, at work, in childhood, in a new city.

Group therapy enables you to experience this connection, to create cohesion, to create social energy, and to work on your problems in this context.