A stimulating fabric of soul, body and social interaction.

Individual and couple therapy.

Psychotherapy (literally) means the treatment of the soul. But in a reciprocal interplay of soul, body and social relationships, psychotherapeutic treatment always looks at psychosocial and -somatic phenomena as well. Your bodily experience has a great influence on your mental well-being. The same is true for the quality of your relationships in partnership and family, in your circle of friends as well as in everyday professional life.

Disorientation, anxiety or dejection can come from hurtful relationship experiences, excessive stress or major life changes. In most cases, well-being improves over time. But in some cases a feeling of hopelessness sets in and you feel mentally ill. Your concerns, triggering events and therapy goals are the subject of our joint therapeutic work. Against the background of your very individual psychodynamics, you will learn to recognise repetitive patterns and unconscious motives.

I offer couples therapy not only for conflictual partnerships but also for friendships in crisis, as I am convinced that friendships deserve the same love and patience as couples.

Group works. And can accelerate progress in some cases.

Group therapy.

"Is there enough time for me in the group?" is not infrequently the first question when group therapy is addressed. I have experienced time and again that many people benefit greatly not only from accepting help, but from being able to be helpful themselves. In the group setting, you as a member of the group can be there for others in a questioning and supportive way. And the group supports you in your work, your experiences, fears and hopes.

The focus is not on healing but on strength, insight and growth.


Professional challenges, changes, relocation - not all problems are clinical in nature. For complex challenges, uncertain changes and professional conflicts, I am there to support you as a coach. As a coach, I help you to realise your full potential, to develop further and to achieve your planned goals.